F  R  E  S  H

Sustainably grown, nutritious
& flavourful fresh fruit

Try it today & taste the difference

Raspberry Leaf

Try it today & taste the difference

Healthy, tasty

& sustainable

Remember what home grown fruit really tastes like

and how that compares to the fruit you buy at the supermarket?

Well, we’re here to bring the taste back!

All our varieties are chosen for taste and not for their shelf life

or other factors. This means when you choose

Elanza Fresh fruit you know you’re buying

the tastiest produce available.

Fabulous Fresh Fruit

Recipe ideas

Looking for some inspiration on how to serve up your fresh seasonal fruit? We’ll be posting some great ideas here very soon.

Passionate about natural New Zealand

Our tunnels mean happy plants, less land use, far fewer pests and using 70% less water than traditional outdoor growers.

Passionate about natural NZ

Our tunnels mean happy plants, less land use, far fewer pests and using 70% less water than traditional outdoor growers.


Produce grown for taste and picked to order. Delivered to your home. Launching 2022.


We frequently require skilled seasonal workers on our Bay of Plenty sites.

Sliced Persimmon
Sliced Persimmon

Our Crop Selections

Our team of expert growers are constantly improving our growing techniques meaning more Elanza Fresh fruit varieties will soon be available. Currently we grow:

  • Raspberries
  • Figs
  • Blackberries
  • Passionfruit
  • Strawberries
  • Tamarillo
  • Cherries
  • Persimmons


AVAILABLE for a limited Time

Strawberry Plug Plants


5cm Diameter Strawberry plug plants for commercial use.
Varieties include Albion, San Andreas & Monterey.
Each tray contains 100 plants.

CALL 027 444 4649 or…

Available soon:

Spring harvest 2021

Fresh Cadenza Figs

Elanza Fresh Cadenza Figs

Candenza translates ‘to fall’ in Italian – and that’s exactly what these beauties do when they’re ripe. The largest of our fig selections, Cadenza figs are harvested when the fruit falls from the stem. Succulent, sensational & packed with fibre, vitamins K, B6, A & C, figs earn their reputation as the fruit of the gods.

Fresh Eleganza Figs

Elanza Fresh Eleganza Figs

With hints of peach & apricot Eleganza figs are the perfect mouthful. Whether in a breakfast smoothie, school lunchbox or a side to your sophisticated cheese platter, these figs will impress.

Fresh Delicia Raspberries

Elanza Fresh Raspberries

Selected specifically for flavour and size you’ll easily pick these berries from the rest! Consistently firm, sweet & tangy, each Delicia berry will leave you wanting more.

Fresh Elanza Strawberries

Elanza Fresh Strawberries

Big, sweet, firm & bursting with goodness, these kiwi strawberries surprise – as unlike their Aussie counterparts you’ll find in supermarkets, they can be partially white when ripe. Don’t let the colour put you off as we’ll always pick to perfection.

Fresh Elanza Blackberries

Elanza Fresh Blackberries

It takes time to achieve perfection – but we think we’re pretty close now! From hundreds of selections we’ve handpicked the best. Gorgeous, gargantuan & for 2020, in limited supply. We believe this to be New Zealand’s best blackberry. Try them & let us know what you think.

"This magical, marvelous food on our plate, this sustenance we absorb, has a story to tell. It has a journey. It leaves a footprint. It leaves a legacy."

Joel Salatin

"It is our view that water will become an increasingly valuable & scarce resource. The times where we could treat it with scarce respect, both in terms of extraction and discharge, are gone."


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